Project Echo Cancer Patient Navigation


Project ECHO Cancer Patient Navigation

Maine Cancer Foundation serves as the hub site for Project ECHO Cancer Patient Navigation. This is an opportunity for professionals who navigate cancer patient care to come together virtually to increase their knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy related to cancer patient navigation, both in the medical and community settings.

Anyone who navigates cancer patient care is welcome to participate. If you are interested in participating, please contact Heather Drake, Program Manager, Maine Cancer Foundation at [email protected]

All Project ECHO sessions are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 3pm-4pm.

Session Dates and Topics:
•    Transportation (August 28th)
•    Cancer Prevention and Screening (September 25th) 
•    Palliative Care (October 23rd)
•    Patient Empowerment (November 20th)
•    Survivorship (tbd)

•    Patient Navigation Workflows
          o    Didactic Presentation
          o    Case Study Recommendations
          o    MaineGeneral Community Needs Assessment

•    Financial Toxicity Part 1
          o    TeleECHO session recording
          o    Didactic Presentation
          o    Case Study 
          o    Case Study Recommendations

•    Financial Toxicity Part 2
          o    TeleECHO session recording
          o    Didactic Presentation
          o    Case Study Recommendations