Stock Gifts


Gifts of Securities: Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds

Securities that are actively traded on recognized stock exchanges and other readily marketable securities, including bonds and mutual funds, may be accepted as gifts by Maine Cancer Foundation. Securities given to MCF are managed in accordance with our investment policies and may be sold upon receipt.

We appreciate knowing a gift of stock is coming our way and are happy to facilitate its acceptance. Knowing the number of shares, the intended gift date and the intended designation of the gift will allow us to accomplish smooth acceptance, acknowledgement and thanks. Please contact, or call 207.773.2533 to discuss options.

Generally, we ask that gifts of stock be wired to our account at Anton LeMieux Financial Group.

Account Information:

Account Name: Maine Cancer Foundation
Account Number: H2Y244120
DTC Number: 0226
Maine Cancer Foundation Tax ID: 01-0351077

Financial Advisor:

Depository Company: Anton LeMieux Financial Group
Financial Advisor: John A. LeMieux
Foreside Place
202 US Route 1
Falmouth, ME 04105
(207) 899-4248


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