Maine Cancer Foundation leads a state-wide effort to promote and support the most promising and effective cancer-fighting programs available to the people of Maine through a combination of grant-based financial support and coalition building.

Our Goals

Cancer rates in Maine are significantly higher than the national average and the worst in New England. Not only is cancer the leading cause of death in Maine, 1 in 3 individuals will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. There has been some progress: cancer rates have declined nearly 13% from an all-time high in 2000, but Maine continues to lag behind improvements seen in other states.  

Our grantmaking is currently directed towards programs that:

Foster Cancer Prevention 

We know that the best way to beat cancer is to prevent it from occurring at all. MCF supports statewide prevention efforts, focusing on reducing smoking, healthy lifestyles, and preventative care.

Increase Early Detection & Screening 

We know that finding cancer early, when it is most treatable and beatable, saves lives. MCF supports programs that improve and increase early detection and screening efforts.

Improve Patient Outcomes

We believe that everyone deserves access to the best possible care, regardless of income or geography. MCF supports efforts to ensure the availability of the best treatments for all Mainers.

Health Equity

To achieve health equity, we need to reduce the differences in health due to systematic social or economic disadvantage. Health equity is the “attainment of the highest level of health for all people.” For more information regarding health equity in Maine, please visit The Way Health Should Be: Social Determinants of Health in Maine, a report developed in 2019 by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Maine Cancer Foundation is committed to addressing health inequities, ensuring all Mainers have access to critical cancer prevention, screening, and treatment resources. Proposals that address social determinants of health will be prioritized.



Grants Awarded Since 2015

Grantmaking Evaluation

Each year, Maine Cancer Foundation evaluates the outcomes and effectiveness of our grantmaking by collecting data from our grantee partners. In partnership with Market Decisions Research, grantees report on their grant outcomes, which are then combined and analyzed.


The following evaluation is a "point in time" report that summarizes the impact awarded MCF grants, from 2015-2021, have had across Maine. 


2021 Maine Cancer Foundation Grantmaking Evaluation - Executive Summary


2021 Maine Cancer Foundation Grantmaking Evaluation - Full Report



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