Cancer Screening Awareness and Education

About This Grant:

We intend to provide a focused workshops in French, Portuguese and Somali that describe the effects of a small group of cancers on the human body and how living a healthy lifestyle and getting regular or diagnostic screenings can eliminate unfounded fears and detect cancers at an early stage. We intend to conduct educational workshops on those cancers that have evidence-based screenings which improves the chances that our participants will intentionally follow-up with us and B Street clinic.

The workshops will cover breast, cervical, colorectal, and lung cancers and we will discuss what symptoms look like, how the cancer is diagnosed, and how treatment and medication plans from doctors look like. We are going further—this grant is intended to have one important outcome—patients being screened.

Our goal is to have a small number of cancers and enhance the connections to healthcare organizations and providers who will help get patients screened. 

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