Maine's Impact Cancer Network Recognized as Maine's State Cancer Coalition

In February 2019, the Maine Centers for Disease Control Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (MCCCP) formally recognized Maine’s Impact Cancer Network (the Cancer Network) as Maine’s state cancer coalition. This recognition demonstrates a renewed and strengthened collaboration between the MCCCP and the Cancer Network. The Cancer Network uses a collective impact framework to increase collaboration with the goal of reducing the impact of cancer throughout Maine. In this new capacity, over the next several months, the Cancer Network will work with Maine cancer stakeholders to begin planning for Maine’s 2021-2025 State Cancer Plan. The Cancer Network will continue to foster collaboration, alignment of cancer and cancer-related initiatives, and nurture new projects through its Task Forces. If you would like to get involved with or learn more about Maine’s Impact Cancer Network or this renewed collaboration, please contact Heather Drake, Program Manager, Maine Cancer Foundation at 207-773-2533 or [email protected].

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