Membership History

Maine Cancer Foundation and Maine Cancer Consortium Merger

For over 40 years Maine Cancer Foundation has provided funding for Maine-based organizations in order to reduce cancer incidence and mortality rates. Maine Cancer Foundation has a statewide focus and 100% of funds raised by the organization are used to benefit the people of Maine.

The Maine Cancer Consortium was a coalition of over 100 Maine-based organizations and individuals with oncology expertise focused on cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, rehabilitation, survivorship and palliative care. Past activities of the Consortium included drafting Maine’s State Cancer Plan.

As of January 1, 2016, these two organizations merged to form a single, joint organization, which will operate with the name Maine Cancer Foundation. The combined expertise and capacity of the newly formed organization will result in a stronger and more sustainable capacity to facilitate action, and ultimately a greater impact on reducing the burden of cancer in our state. Maine Cancer Foundation is thrilled to move forward focused on this shared mission: continuing the fight against cancer for the people of Maine.