Maine Cancer Transportation Summit

On June 12, 2017, Maine Cancer Foundation hosted the Maine Cancer Transportation Summit at Maple Hill Farm & Conference Center in Hallowell.  

Maine is the most rural state in the nation, with a majority of our population living in rural areas. For cancer patients, this can make access to care a significant barrier.  For over a decade, Maine Cancer Foundation has awarded grants to Maine organizations who provide cancer patients access to care. The Foundation views transportation to cancer services as a key issue in our state and at this time we would like to learn more about what is happening with cancer-related transportation in Maine: what resources currently exist? What costs are associated with transportation? Is there system-level change that can be happen to eliminate this barrier for cancer patients?

Maine Cancer Foundation, with the help of the local evaluation firm Market Decisions Research, is currently conducting a needs assessment focused on transportation for cancer patients in Maine. This assessment will describe the scope of transportation services that currently exist for cancer patients as well as the barriers and costs associated with transportation in Maine. The final assessment will also show where gaps in transportation services exist and assess the need for transportation resources for cancer patients.

In order to explore this issue further, Maine Cancer Foundation hosted a Cancer Transportation Summit on June 12, 2017, during which we presented the results of the transportation needs assessment and discussed potential solutions for improving transportation options for cancer patients in Maine. Both transportation providers and Mainers affected by cancer were in attendance.

Please see below for the Final Needs Assessment, a list of Summit Attendees, the presentation slides from Market Decisions Research, as well as the Listening Report from Maine's Impact Cancer Network.  To view the slides from detailing how transportation came up in our Community Conversations, please click here.


Final 2017 Transportation Needs Assessment