Patient Navigation 101

What is patient navigation? 
Maine Cancer Foundation believes that from the moment of diagnosis, throughout treatment, and thereafter, cancer patients should have access to an expert to guide them through the healthcare system. Patient navigators support cancer patients to ensure that they receive high quality treatment and support starting at the time of diagnosis.

Patient navigation can eliminate barriers to care, including:

  • Financial Barriers
  • Communication Barriers
  • Medical system barriers
  • Psychological barriers
  • Transportation barriers
  • MCF's Investment in Patient Navigation

Since 2015, MCF has invested $1.1 million to increase the number of patient navigators in our state.  Among the many services they provide, these navigators have guided patients to cancer screening tests, coordinated transportation to cancer care, and directed them to available financial resources. We believe that patients have better outcomes with experiences healthcare guides by their side. 

In 2017, there were 12 MCF funded patient navigators working in Maine. We are dedicated to reducing the incidence of cancer in Maine and will continue to fund programs that focus on prevention, screening and access to care for all Mainers. 

Patient Navigator
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Patient Navigation