MCF VIDEO Spotlight: Cancer Resource Center of Western Maine

MCF Spotlight | Cancer Resource Center of Western Maine


The MCF team recently visited Cancer Resource Center of Western Maine for a tour of their new facility and a conversation about impact. Since 2018, CRC of WM has been an important partner for us. In that time, CRC of WM has received $155,000 through 7 grants made by Maine Cancer Foundation. These funds have gone towards transportation & lodging support for cancer patients, COVID-19 resources, and general operating support. For Mainers is Oxford, Androscoggin, and northern Cumberland counties, CRC of WM plays a vital role in making sure they receive the care and support they need. 



"The Cancer Resource Center of Western Maine is a 501c3 non-profit organization funded by private foundations, individual and corporate donations, and fundraisers. We embrace anyone affected by cancer in a community that offers hope and caring through support, education and concepts in healthy living. We offer free programs, activities, classes, support groups, travel and food assistance, and comfort items to anyone impacted by cancer....​because no one should face cancer alone." (from

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