2016 Tobacco Grant Awards Announced

We are pleased to announce the recipients of Maine Cancer Foundation's 2016 grant proposals to reduce tobacco use in Maine. Three organizations received a combined total of $128,535

Lung cancer has the highest mortality rate of any cancer in Maine, and our lung cancer rates are consistently higher than the US average. One in four Mainers use tobacco, and half of all Maine residents are former or current cigarette smokers.

Through various interventions aimed at smoking cessation, the two awarded projects will work to reduce the number of smokers in our state, ultimately reducing the number of Mainers diagnosed with lung cancer and other tobacco-related cancers. 

Healthy Androscoggin: Tobacco Prevention, Education, and Cessation Support for Adults in Adroscoggin County
Amount awarded: $52,419

Maine Health, Center for Tobacco Independence: Cancer Prevention: Building Capacity in Primary Care to Address Tobacco Dependence
Amount awarded: $50,000

Penobscot Community Health Care: Peer-led Tobacco Cessation Training at Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse
Amount awarded: $26,116

2016 Grant Award Logo

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