Hospitality Homes Maine Boston Network

This two year grant project will support lodging and transportation for Maine cancer patients who come to Boston medical centers for cancer treatment. The focus of the project is to increase the number of Maine cancer patients served annually with housing and transportation in Boston to at least 225 by increasing outreach and program capacity. Through the establishment of a focused program, the Maine Boston Network, Hospitality Homes will increase lodging transportation available to Maine cancer patients while also implementing and communications plan to ensure that Maine cancer patients are aware of the free housing and transportation services that the Hospitality Homes Maine Boston Network program can provide.



Hospitality Homes
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Maine Cancer Foundation Grants to this Organization:

Year Program Amount Category Organization
2017 Hospitality Homes Maine Boston Network $38,000 Transportation Hospitality Homes
2013 Maine Cancer Guest Navigation Program (MCGNP) $15,000 Support Hospitality Homes