Maine's Impact Cancer Network

Our Mission:

To reduce the impact of cancer on individuals and communities in Maine through collaboration and systems improvement.


Our Process:

In 2015, Maine Cancer Foundation (MCF) began to explore ways to strategically and collaboratively address cancer in Maine. MCF chose the collective impact framework as a way to bring together people from across the state to learn about their experiences with cancer.  

This framework emphasizes the need to connect people from four sectors: non-profit organizations, the business community, those with lived experience of cancer, and government. Ultimately, MCF strives to identify ways to work together to reduce the burden of cancer in Maine.

From this goal of creating system-wide change in Maine was born Maine’s Impact Cancer Network (the Cancer Network), led by a steering committee called the Leadership Roundtable and supported by MCF staff. The Cancer Network’s initial goal is to produce a community plan to reduce the burden of cancer in Maine, with a shared vision and a clear outline to measure progress toward this goal. The community plan will be based on information gathered from the numerous community conversations we have held across Maine, which explored three, core questions:

  1. What is happening with cancer in your life/community/organization?
  2. What is the change you would like to see with cancer in your life/community/organization?
  3. How can we work together to make this change happen?

In May, 2017, the Cancer Network hosted the second annual Challenge Cancer Conference in Freeport, inviting stakeholders from across Maine to review our findings and the resulting draft of a Common Agenda to gain approval and identify activities that can contribute to the overall vision and goal.

At the conference, we presented the Listening Report and Common Agenda that emerged from the conversations we held across the state. Our Leadership Roundtable will take the feedback from the conference attendees and adapt the Listening Report and Common Agenda to craft the community plan. 

We are grateful to all of the attendees of the conference for their input. We look forward to sharing the next steps. 

If you missed the conference, you can listen to our webinar on Maine's Impact Cancer Network, hosted by the Maine Public Health Association.

For more information or to become involved, please contact Heather Drake, Program Manager, at [email protected] or 207-773-2533.