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Applications are accepted online. Completed applications will be reviewed by our grant committee and applicants may be contacted for additional information. All interested applicants are encouraged to contact Maine Cancer Foundation with all eligibility questions and to discuss your proposal prior to submission. 

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Please note, this calendar is subject to change and may be updated throughout the year.

2019 Grantmaking Calendar


Request for Proposals to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screenings Announced


Request for Proposals for General Operating Support for Hospice Programs Announced

*Discretionary Grant Applications Accepted  *Note: Applicants must contact MCF before submitting.


Request for Proposals for Decreasing Tobacco Use Announced


Request for Proposals for Transportation and Lodging Services for Cancer Patients Announced


*Discretionary Grant Applications Accepted   *Note: Applicants must contact MCF before submitting.

Open RFPs


Maine Cancer Foundation does not have any open RFPs at this time. If you are interested in discussing a discretionary project that supports cancer prevention, early detection, and/or improving patient outcomes, please contact Katelyn Michaud, Program Manager, at [email protected]


Maine's Impact Cancer Network's Task Forces are charged with carrying out the objectives and strategies as outlined in the Cancer Network’s Community Plan to address cancer in Maine. Task Forces will include at least two individuals or organizations from different sectors. They will be time limited based on the nature of their objectives and strategies. Task Forces will focus on specific action items as designated in the Community Plan and will evolve their work as necessary to reach end goals.

Work of the Task Forces may include programs and activities that are currently being implemented by members of the Task Force or may be new programs and activities needed to fill gaps in reducing cancer.

In order to carry out this work, grants of up to $10,000 will be considered for Task Force projects. Requests will be accepted on a rolling basis. Grants must be awarded to a qualifying 501c3 organization.

More Information

Please contact Heather Drake at [email protected] with any questions.

Discretionary Grants

In addition to publishing RFPs, discretionary grants are available for projects that fall under Maine Cancer Foundation's three main goals:

Foster Cancer Prevention 

We know that the best way to beat cancer is to prevent it from occurring at all. MCF supports statewide prevention efforts, focusing on smoking, healthy lifestyles, and preventative care.

Increase Early Detection and Cancer Screening 

We know that finding cancer early, when it is most treatable and beatable, saves lives. MCF supports programs that improve and increase early detection and screening efforts.

Improve Patient Outcomes

We believe that everyone deserves access to the best possible care, regardless of income or geography. MCF supports efforts to ensure the availability of the best treatments for all Mainers.


Applications are considered based on available funds and they are accepted twice annually. We encourage you to contact us to discuss project or ideas. Discretionary grant applications may be submitted by invitation only. 

Additional Information

Review Process

Grants are peer-reviewed by a committee of Maine-based experts in the field. Reviewers read and score each application based on criteria from the Request for Proposal guidelines. The Committee then meets in person to discuss each application and prepare its recommendations for funding. Those recommendations are submitted to Maine Cancer Foundation's Executive Committee for final approval. Before application review, reviewers must disclose any conflicts of interest including financial or professional relationships with an applicant, a financial benefit resulting from a funding decision, or a perception of conflict.

What We Will Not Fund  

  • Organizations that are not a 501(c)3
  • Direct support to individuals for cancer prevention, detection or treatment services, equipment or supplies
  • More than 15% institutional overhead
  • Business investments or loans
  • Programs that do not benefit the people of Maine

Additional Information

  • Programs currently receiving federal or state funding are not universally eligible but certain new components could qualify for grant funding.
  • Geographic distribution of grants will be considered and multiple grants to the same institution may be limited, if necessary.
  • Maine Cancer Foundation will not knowingly support projects that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex, national origin, disability, marital status or sexual orientation.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to make additional grant awards at the discretion of its board members. Organizations that receive such funding are selected by the board and may be reviewed outside of the normal application process.
  • A grant recipient's work must further the charitable purposes outlined by MCF. Funds may not be diverted to benefit any individual. The results or benefits of any Foundation supported investigation or program are required to remain in the public domain for the benefit of Maine people.

If you have any questions about grant eligibility or would like to discuss a proposal prior to submission, please contact Katelyn Michaud, at [email protected] or 207.773.2533.