Special Offers - Product or Service Guidelines

We appreciate your interest to use your business, product or service to help us in the fight against cancer.  We have worked with many Maine-based and national level brands. There are several ways we can work together:

  1. Corporate Sponsorship of our Events

    MCF runs several large fundraising events each year including the Tri for a Cure, Mary's Walk and the Twilight 5K. These events would not be possible without our corporate sponsors providing cash or material support.

    Sponsorship at one or all of these events is an excellent chance to have your brand displayed in a fun, public way that demonstrates your organization's commitment to the health and well-being of the people of Maine. Each event has specific sponsorship opportunities. Please visit our event pages, or contact [email protected] for more information. 

  2. Percent-of-Sales Promotions

    Retail and service businesses often approach us with the offer to donate a percent-of-sales as a promotion. We are always grateful for the support, but we have firm limitations on our ability to promote a for-profit offer.

    1. MCF can be listed as the beneficiary of a percent-of-sales promotion, but not as a partner. Please reference our Branding Guide.
    2. MCF cannot​ promote your percent-of-sales product or service.
    3. Any percent-of-sales promotion naming Maine Cancer Foundation or our events as the beneficiary must include the transaction percentage to be donated to Maine Cancer Foundation.
    4. Maine Cancer Foundation can only provide tax-deduction receipts equal to the final amount donated.
    5. A popular alternative to a percent-of-sales promotion is becoming a sponsor or vendor at one of our events. 
  3. Free Offers to our Supporters
    1. Many businesses offer free products or services to support either the work of Maine Cancer Foundation, or Maine residents currently undergoing treatment. We appreciate your generosity, as do our supporters.
    2. Offers must be 100% free, with no additional fees or requirements.
    3. MCF will promote free offers through our website, email notices and social media channels at our discretion. Written or graphic recognition to the sponsoring business will always be included.
    4. Offers exceeding $5,000 in retail value are eligible for an on-site visit by a MCF staff member and direct promotion to our supporters.
    5. Businesses interested in providing a free offer or donating merchandise directly to the Foundation should contact [email protected].
  4. Become a Corporate Underwriter of the Foundation
    1. Maine Cancer Foundation gratefully recognizes businesses and organizations who support our mission by underwriting the Foundation with annual gifts of $20,000 or more. These organizations receive numerous benefits and extensive promotion through all of our communication channels. For details on becoming a Corporate Underwriter, please contact [email protected]