Walk Away from Cancer

Cancer survivors report to us that hearing their diagnosis was an epiphany primarily in the recognition that no moment of their lives could ever again be taken for granted. To that end, we have developed a special program to provide survivors with the tools and motivation to begin and sustain a program of exercise, nutritional education and opportunities to develop emotional strength and coping skills.

“Walk away from Cancer” will be offered as a free service to cancer survivors whose initial diagnosis occurred during the last six-to-twelve months. Participants will be referred by their physicians and/or nurse navigator. All participants will be required to receive clearance and a signed prescription from their physician. At the end of each series, Marguerite Belanger, RN BSN, SMCC Cancer Care Coordinator and program manager for “Walk Away from Cancer” will provide a written report of each participant’s progress to his/her referring physician.

Webber Hospital Association | Southern Maine Medical Center
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1 Year Pilot Grant

Maine Cancer Foundation Grants to this Organization:

Year Program Amount Category Organization
2012 Walk Away from Cancer $5,000 Support Webber Hospital Association | Southern Maine Medical Center