Teleconference and Palliative Care Awareness for Rural Patients

Initiation of palliative care services soon after advanced cancer diagnosis, and delivered concurrent with cancer care has demonstrated improved quality of life outcomes for patients and extended life due to foregoing aggressive care near the end of life. However, for patients with advance diseases living rural areas, access to palliative care can be delayed or difficult. This grant will be used to provide teleconference education and a phone support program with an Advanced Care Nurse for participant follow up and data collection.

Eastern Maine Medical Center
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1 Year Pilot Grant

Maine Cancer Foundation Grants to this Organization:

Year Program Amount Category Organization
2015 Creating a Statewide Tissue Banking Network to Promote Cancer Research in Maine $199,940 Research Eastern Maine Medical Center
2012 Teleconference and Palliative Care Awareness for Rural Patients $5,000 Education Eastern Maine Medical Center