Sarah Mayberry

Board Member
Professional Title: 
Program Coordinator

Sarah Mayberry has served as the Program Coordinator of the Breathe Easy Coalition of Maine, a statewide umbrella coalition that promotes and provides technical assistance to develop healthy, smoke-free environments through its programs: the Smoke-Free Housing Coalition of Maine, Maine Tobacco-Free Behavioral Health Network, Maine Tobacco-Free Hospital Network and Maine Tobacco-Free College Network, since 2010.

Prior to coming to the Breathe Easy Coalition, Sarah worked with the Healthy Maine Partnerships in Western Maine as the District Tobacco Coordinator. 

Sarah is a 2006 graduate of the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in human biology and biochemistry. 

In addition to the Maine Cancer Foundation, Sarah participates in many statewide health initiatives including serving on the board of directors of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council, on the leadership team of the Maine Asthma Coalition and on numerous other public health and professional associations.  Sarah lives in Portland with her boyfriend, Tim, and enjoys running, cycling, being outdoors, and is an avid New England sports fan. 

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