Healthy Lifestyles for the New Year

The month of December is usually filled with family, friends and many holiday gatherings.  Often times, by the end of month we are looking forward to the new beginnings that a New Year brings.  As you start to think about your New Year Resolutions for 2018, we encourage you to make these changes recommended from our friends at American Cancer Society that could help prevent cancer.

1.  Stay away from tobacco – 1 in 5 Maine adults are current cigarette smokers, and 1 in 4 currently use a tobacco product.  We know that cigarette smokers are 15-30 times more likely to receive a lung cancer diagnosis or die from lung cancer than nonsmokers.  At Maine Cancer Foundation, one of our goals is to prevent thousands of needless cancers through prevention, screening and access to care and have invested nearly $1.5 million in tobacco prevention and cessation programs across the state. 

2. Eat Healthy and Get Active – Overweight and obesity-related cancers account for approximately 40% of all cancers in the US.   Fill your plates with leafy greens, healthy fats and lean proteins and don’t forget move your body! Even 30 minutes a day can lower your risk.

3. Be safe in the sun – While you are out there enjoying your 30 minutes of activity, be sure to lather up in SPF for protection against Ultraviolet Radiation.  We also recommend you stay away from the man-made sources of UV rays, such as tanning beds.  In 2017, MCF teamed up with the City of Portland to have free sunscreen dispensers for all patrons of the Casco Bay Ferry Terminal and Portland Sea Dog games.

4. Stay up to date with Cancer Screening Guidelines – While the diagnosis of some cancers are inevitable, there are many that are more treatable and beatable if caught early.  Talk to your healthcare provider (at your annual wellness exam!) about screening recommendations suitable for you.

Maine Cancer Foundation is working towards a healthier, cancer-free Maine for all.  We are committing to the fight, investing more than $4.8 million since 2015 in prevention and screening programs, and making high quality care accessible to all. We encourage you to do your part by remembering these lifestyle tips and sharing them with your loved ones.

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American Institute for Cancer Research 
American Cancer Society


Wednesday, December 13, 2017