Lung Cancer Screening Shared Decision-Making

Maine Medical Center (MMC) proposes to develop and pilot test a new program, the Lung Cancer Screening-Shared Decision Making (LCS-SDM) program. The goal is to make lung cancer screening using low-dose CT (LDCT) scans available to eligible patients,and to ensure that patients who choose to undergo lung cancer screening using LDCT are well informed about its potential benefits and risks.

The program aims to:

1) Develop clinical processes needed to identify screening-eligible patients and to ensure appropriate test interpretation and follow-up;

2) Develop patient education processes and decision support materials needed to ensure SDM in LCS.

3) Pilot test a model LCS-SDM program that integrates clinical and patient education processes using Nurse Navigator support

4) Provide access to funds for patients who are unable to afford Lung CT screening

5) Evaluate the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary effectiveness of the LCS-SDM program using in-depth interviews and surveys with patients and health care providers.

The program is expected to produce important preliminary evidence and patient education and support resources for future LCS
initiatives at MMC and other Maine hospitals, and for national efforts to implement LDCT screening.

Maine Medical Center
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Maine Cancer Foundation Grants to this Organization:

Year Program Amount Category Organization
2016 Building Capacity at MaineHealth to Enahance Colorectal Cancer Screening $28,863 Screening Maine Medical Center
2016 The Maine Lung Cancer Prevention and Screening (Maine LungCAPS) Initiative $400,000 Prevention Maine Medical Center
2015 Extending Lung Cancer Screening to Primary Care $49,899 Screening Maine Medical Center
2013 Lung Cancer Screening Shared Decision-Making $25,536 Screening Maine Medical Center
2013 Endometrial Cancer & Obesity: A Survivorship Program $10,000 Survivorship Maine Medical Center
2012 Improving Colorectal Cencer Screenings in Low-Income Primary Care Settings Using Shared Decision Making $97,860 Research Maine Medical Center
2012 Cancer Survivorship Support $10,000 Survivorship Maine Medical Center
2012 Oncology Pharmacy Practice Residency $5,000 Support Maine Medical Center
2012 Gas Cards for Emergency Aid $1,000 Beacon Fund Maine Medical Center
2012 Inhibitory Effects of Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-4(IGFBP-4) on Melanoma Growth and Metastasis $73,848 Research Maine Medical Center
2011 FGF Export from Endothelial Cells: Protumorigenic Potential and Methods of Regulation $86,877 Research Maine Medical Center
2011 Validating Prediction Tools for Prostate Cancer Quality of Life Outcomes $71,029 Research Maine Medical Center
2011 Increase Immigrant Screening $8,011 Screening Maine Medical Center
2011 Communicating Risk $9,413 Education Maine Medical Center
2011 Notch Regulation of the Tumor Supressor miR-145 in Breast Cancer Cells $94,184 Research Maine Medical Center
2011 Inceptive Role of miR-199b in Acute Myeloid Leukemia $92,000 Research Maine Medical Center
2011 Small Molecule Inhibitors of Twist1 Function to Inhibit Tumor Progression $73,039 Research Maine Medical Center
2009 Predicting Quality of Life Outcomes after Prostate Cancer Treatment $45,295 Research Maine Medical Center
2006 Reduction of breast cancer by the Notch signaling pathway $35,000 Research Maine Medical Center
2001 Ronald J . Carroll, M.D. Lecture Fund at Maine Medical Center $10,000 Education Maine Medical Center
1979 Pediatric Cancer Seminar Education Maine Medical Center