Grant Recipients: Colorectal Cancers

Year Issuedsort ascending Title Grant Amount Given Types of Cancer Organization
2017 One-by-One, CRC Screening and Navigation Project $99,832 Colon, Colorectal Healthy Community Coalition of Franklin County

2017 Expanding Systems to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening through Patient Outreach and Recall $100,000 Colon, Colorectal Penobscot Community Health Care

2017 Colorectal Cancer Screening for Vulnerable Populations $100,000 Colorectal City of Portland Minority Health Program

2017 Waldo Screen to Save $45,566 Colon, Colorectal Waldo County General Hospital

2017 80% Colon Cancer Screening Project $99,627 Colon, Colorectal MaineGeneral Health

2016 Developing Systems to Increase Colorectal Screening Rates through Patient Identification $29,848 Colon, Colorectal, Screening Mid Coast Hospital

2016 Expansion of the Role of Community Health Workers to Increase Colon Cancer Screening Rates $29,937 Colon, Colorectal, Screening MaineGeneral Health

2016 A Novel System to Increase Colorectal Screenings and Ensure Compliance in a Targeted Subset of Patients at Mount Desert Island Hospital $7,481 Colon, Colorectal Mount Desert Island Hospital

2016 Building Capacity at MaineHealth to Enahance Colorectal Cancer Screening $28,863 Colorectal Maine Medical Center

2016 Provide a Reminder and Recall System for Colorectal Cancer Screening $30,000 Colon, Colorectal, Screening Penobscot Community Health Care

2016 Strategy for Identification and Screening of Unscreened Patients at LincolnHealth (LH) $29,235 Colon, Colorectal, Screening Lincoln County Healthcare

2015 Gaps-in-Care Cancer Screening $38,500 Breast, Cervical, Colorectal Penobscot Community Health Care

2015 Conquering Cancer in Franklin County $6,500 All, Colorectal, Lung Healthy Community Coalition of Franklin County

2013 Colorectal Cancer Prevention Campaign $5,980 Colorectal Maine Migrant Health Program

2008 Cancer Education in Franklin County $10,000 Colorectal, Lung, Prostate, Melanoma Healthy Community Coalition of Franklin County

2007 Colon MINI $2,500 Colorectal Downeast Healthy
2007 Colon cancer MINI $2,500 Colorectal Piscataquis
2007 Toolkit for Colorectal Cancer $4,800 Colorectal Maine Center for Cancer Medicine
2007 Colon $1,700 Colorectal Healthy Maine Waterville
2005 Colon Cancer Screening Awareness Project $1,100 Colon, Colorectal Inland Hospital