Maine Lung Cancer Coalition

About This Grant:

In June 2016, Maine Cancer Foundation awarded Maine Medical Center a $400,000 grant over four years for The Maine Lung Cancer Coalition (MLCC).  MLCC is a multi-institution, multi-disciplinary collaboration of Maine health care providers and stakeholders.

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation has awarded a $5 million grant to Maine Medical Center for the creation of a statewide initiative to improve the prevention and early detection of lung cancer in Maine, where incidence rates and deaths due to lung cancer are among the highest in the nation. Maine Cancer Foundation is the primary co-funder for the project with a grant of $400,000. The Maine Economic Improvement Fund, through the University of Southern Maine, will contribute $200,000 to the project.

Lung cancer, one of the most common malignancies and the leading cause of cancer mortality nationwide, disproportionately affects residents of Maine. The state’s high smoking rate, its rurality and geographic barriers to health care access, and naturally occurring environmental risks all contribute to the lung cancer burden.

The overarching aim of MLCC is to develop the infrastructure required to implement and disseminate evidence-based lung cancer prevention and early detection services, and facilitate early referrals for treatment of lung cancer patients across the state. A central focus of MLCC is to expand access to lung cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment services for vulnerable, rural, underserved patient populations in Maine. MLCC will accomplish its aims through the coordinated efforts of four Core components (Implementation, Prevention, Early Detection, Stakeholder Engagement & Education) that will work together to engage and educate diverse stakeholders and to build knowledge and evidence about effective strategies to address the problem of lung cancer in Maine and other rural states.

Lung Cancer


Year Grant Title Category Amount Grant Recipient
2016 Maine Lung Cancer Coalition Lung Cancer, Screening $400,000 Maine Medical Center Research Institute
2015 Creating a Centralized Biospecimen Resource for Cancer Research Research $199,830 Maine Medical Center Research Institute
2015 Integrating Personalized Risk Information in Low-Dose CT (LDCT) Screening for Lung Cancer Lung Cancer, Research, Screening $100,000 Maine Medical Center Research Institute
2015 Tumor Registry Electronic Medical Record Linked Data Resource: TREMR Research $191,230 Maine Medical Center Research Institute