Community Transportation Program

About This Grant:

A cancer diagnosis is a serious life challenge that touches all aspects of a person’s life and presents obstacles for both the patient and their family. Transportation to treatment and support services is an additional hurdle, and Community Concept’s believes cancer patients should not have to face the additional stress of worrying about how to get to and from the treatment they need. Transportation is not only a critical link to essential life-saving treatment; it is a key factor contributing to the independence and well-being of patients.

Cancer patients need to first enroll in the program, which is an easy process that can completed over the phone with one of our dispatch staff. Enrollment can be done by either the cancer patient themselves, or a caregiver/family member of the patient. Once enrolled, transportation service can start as soon as trips are scheduled. To schedule a trip, the cancer patient (or a care giver) calls our office and speaks with a dispatcher who takes the trip information: dates, times, length of appointment, etc. The dispatcher also asks about other needs the patient may have to determine the level of assistance a rider may need, such as if they use a mobility device like a cane or walker, and if they need help to and from the car. The dispatcher ends the call by letting the patient know what time they will be picked up, and then moves on to schedule the trip with a volunteer driver. Our volunteer drivers call riders the night before their trip is scheduled to verify that the trip is still needed and to confirm the pick-up time. The call ahead alleviates anxiety, particularly for first-time riders. On the day of the trip, the driver arrives at the patient’s home at (or around) the scheduled pick-up time and delivers them to their appointment. Depending on the length of the appointment, the driver may wait for the patient or come back to take the patient home. Our drivers have cell phones for any necessary communication with the dispatch office and in the event of an emergency. Both the driver and the dispatch office can be reached at all times.

With the support of previous grant funding from the Maine Cancer Foundation, Community Concepts has been able to provide service to 96 cancer patients for an average of 850 appointments covering over 35,000 miles of transportation. We are grateful for the support of the Foundation, and the recognition of how critical transportation is for cancer patients and their families. Cancer patients need this service, and we ask the Foundation for its continued support to help us provide it.

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Year Grant Title Category Amount Grant Recipient
2019 Community Concepts Transportation for Cancer Patients Access to Care, Transportation $60,000 Community Concepts
2017 Cancer Patient Transportation Project Access to Care, Patient Support, Transportation $50,000 Community Concepts
2016 Cancer Transportation Access to Care, Patient Support, Transportation $15,000 Community Concepts
2015 Community Transportation Program Access to Care, Patient Support, Transportation $10,000 Community Concepts