Our Grant Recipients

Maine Cancer Foundation is proud to be serving the people of Maine in the fight against cancer.

Several times a year we issue a "Request for Proposals" or RFP in one or more service areas that support cancer screening, prevention, research or patient services. Volunteer review committees, drawn from experts in each discipline, review and score the proposals we receive. Finally, our Board of Directors approves the funding and the grants are issued.

We periodically review and communicate with our grant recipients to better understand what the people of Maine need, and how to improve our fight against cancer.

Cancer Type:

All Cervical Leukemia Molecular Skin
Bone Cellular Lung Other Testicular
Brain Colon Lymphedema Ovarian Thyroid
Breast Colorectal Lymphoma Pancreatic Prostate

Service Area:

Beacon Fund Hospice Research Survivorship
Clinical Trial Navigator Scholarship Professional Training
Donor Match Nutrition Screening Transportation
Education Prevention Support Treatment


All Grants:

Year Project Title Category Amount
2013 The Maine Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Study Research $212,601

2013 Lung Cancer Screening Shared Decision-Making Screening $25,536

2013 Investing In Maine's Future through Public Health, Education and Advocacy Prevention $25,000

2013 Healthy Aroostook: Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Program Education $26,762

2013 Cancer Survivor Wellness Program Survivorship $10,000

2013 Transportation Service Network for Cancer Patients Transportation $10,000

2013 "There is Hope Here In Washington County" Conference Education $5,000

2013 Fostering Connections Survivorship $10,000

2013 miR-590 - A Novel Candidate microRNA in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Research $168,906

2013 Assessing Therapeutic Potential of a New Drug ICG-001 in Glioblastoma Research $50,000

2013 Numb5 & Numb6 promote Invasive Behavior of Breast Cancer by Inducing Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Research $49,989

2013 Expanding Cancer Telegenetics to Serve Five Maine Counties Prevention $30,000

2013 Telehealth for Rural Cancer Patients Support $11,600

2012 Family Sponsorship Program Support $2,000

2012 MCCM Brunswick Patient Transportation Transportation $5,000

2012 Lake Region Transportation Program Transportation $8,000

2012 Cancer Screening Navigator Program Screening $25,000

2012 Space to Breathe Support $3,000

2012 Strength in Numbers Beacon Fund $1,000

2012 Connecting to Cancer Care Transportation $10,000

2012 New Models for Lung Cancer Research Research $199,036

2012 Development of a Cancer Staging Tool Based on Viscoelastic and Spectrosphic Properties of Cystic Fluids Research $75,422

2012 Maine Patient Assistance Program Donor Match $5,000

2012 Cancer Transportation Services Transportation $10,000

2012 Bereavement Program Support Hospice $10,000

2012 Cancer Survivorship Support Survivorship $10,000

2012 Clinical Trials Program Education and Enhancement Clinical Trial $4,000

2012 Program Support Hospice $6,000

2012 ONS Scholarships Scholarship $18,300

2012 Walk Away from Cancer Support $5,000

2012 Improving Colorectal Cencer Screenings in Low-Income Primary Care Settings Using Shared Decision Making Research $97,860

2012 Tender Living Care Support $2,150

2012 Conquering Cancer in Greater Franklin County Screening $10,000

2012 Oncology Pharmacy Practice Residency Support $5,000

2012 iPad Share Program Support $7,406

2012 Ride to Health Transportation $15,000

2012 Online CME Course Education $27,600

2012 3DMammoComp: Next Generation Computational Analysis of Breast Tomosynthesis Research $82,843

2012 FoxC2 Function in glioma stem cells and Vasculature Research $84,000

2012 "There is Hope Here In Washington County" Conference Education $5,000

2012 Maine Buddy Program Support $4,000

2012 Teleconference and Palliative Care Awareness for Rural Patients Education $5,000

2012 Gas Cards for Emergency Aid Beacon Fund $1,000

2012 Telemedicine Support $40,000

2012 Oncology Clinical Research Center Clinical Trial $20,000