Fall Funding Drive - Can you Help?

We deeply appreciate your continued support for the fight against cancer. We're kicking off our annual funding drive with an exciting campaign: Challenge Cancer 2020:

Let's Challenge Cancer - a 20% Cut by the Year 2020!

For many years, Maine Cancer Foundation has supported a wide variety of cancer research and patient support programs, thanks to your generosity. We're always looking to improve, and in 2014 we started a state-wide Cancer Needs Assessment that became a bold plan: We want to cut cancer in Maine 20% by the year 2020. 

We have identified several key areas where we can make a major impact in Maine, including cancer prevention, screening and improvements to the support & services that our cancer patients rely on.

The Exciting News:

We already hold the keys for substantial improvement - and it's time to do something about Maine's cancer rates with this hard-won knowledge. A 20% cut in cancer by the year 2020 - Together we can. 

Can we count on you for a gift of $10, 25, or $50 to continue this effort into the new year?

Already in 2015, we've placed more than $1,018,477  in grants with 21 Maine-based cancer organizations (Learn more) and we're not done yet, we hope to announce another BIG project before Dec 31st.

We love Maine and we're determined to remove the threat of cancer for our friends and family. Please join us!


I'd like to support the fight against cancer in Maine!

We always appreciate your comments and questions. Please give us a call or email if we can help. (207) 773-253 or [email protected]

Maine Cancer Foundation

Thursday, November 19, 2015