Pink Aroostook

Pink Aroostook addresses educational needs, especially understanding the risk of breast cancer and the importance of screening, breast cancer recovery issues, and the availability of services and financial support in Maine for the people of Aroostook County. We help by providing breast health, screening and wellness information to women in Aroostook County,connecting people diagnosed with breast cancer to educational, financial and emotional resources and educating Aroostook county women on lifestyle choices that increase their risk of breast cancer. We do this by distributing literature about breast health, breast self awareness, exams and mammograms and offering a monthly e-newsletter to the people of northern Maine.

We provide Pink Aroostook "Survivor Bags" to those diagnosed with breast cancer. These include resource books, items of comfort for treatment, wellness and advocacy items. We facilitate a support group for people affected by breast cancer. When funding is available, we have a patient care fund to assist with immediate financial need for people in active treatment to offset the cost of transportation to and from treatments or other costs associated with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Cary Medical Center
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Maine Cancer Foundation Grants to this Organization:

Year Program Amount Category Organization
2013 Pink Aroostook $5,000 Prevention Cary Medical Center
2008 Prostate Cancer $5,000 Education Cary Medical Center