Middle School Cancer Awareness & Prevention

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in in the United States (American Cancer Society, 2013) and lung cancer mortality in Oxford County is significantly higher than in the rest of Maine (Maine Annual Cancer Report, 2011). In addition, skin cancers in young people have greatly increased nationally (Reed, 2012) with one-fifth of high school girls using tanning beds (Eaton, 2011). While most tobacco-related and skin cancers can be prevented through lifestyle interventions, higher than average numbers of tobacco related cancers and skin cancers are still being seen in the Oxford Hills area. Stephens Memorial Hospital (SMH) proposes to collaborate with Oxford Hills Middle School to develop a day-long cancer awareness and prevention conference for students to learn about tobacco-related and skin cancers. The goal of this project is to lessen incidence of both tobacco-related and skin cancers diagnosed in the SMH service area through education of young people about cancer risk and prevention.

Stephens Memorial Hospital
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2013 Middle School Cancer Awareness & Prevention $7,040 Education Stephens Memorial Hospital