Life Beyond Chemotherapy

Cancer care in busy oncology programs is often focused on patients who are actively receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Sometimes lost in the care delivery system are the "cancer survivors" who are not under active treatment but who have a unique and challenging array of medical, psychosocial, and financial problems. Recognition of cancer survivorship as a distinct phase in the cancer care continuum is gaining momentum nationally. "Survivorship" is defined as "the period of health and well-being experienced by survivors after active cancer treatment (and before diagnosis of recurrence or a new malignancy)". Despite the increased attention to survivorship care, these patients remain underserved. Our "Survivorship Care Program" will target patients completing adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer and colon cancer. These patients typically have good prognoses , and thus fit the definition of cancer survivorship. It is estimated that 100 patients will receive this survivorship care in the first year of the program. This program will help survivors deal with many of the common challenges and hurdles that arise at the completion of cancer treatment. 

Mercy Hospital
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1 Year Pilot Grant

Maine Cancer Foundation Grants to this Organization:

Year Program Amount Category Organization
2012 Clinical Trials Program Education and Enhancement $4,000 Clinical Trial Mercy Hospital
2011 New Leaf Program $4,000 Survivorship Mercy Hospital
2009 Breast Cancer Exercise Program $3,500 Education Mercy Hospital
2007 Life Beyond Chemotherapy $4,000 Survivorship Mercy Hospital
2002 lymphedema $9,292 Treatment Mercy Hospital
2001 Pilot Study of Post Breast Surgery Syndrome $9,292 Research Mercy Hospital