Computational Pathology: 3-d Analysis of Chromosome Territories

Although changes in the architecture of the cell nucleus as well as chromatin structure have long been recognized as hallmarks of many cancers the precise architectural transitions that occur during tumorigenesis are essentially unknown. There is a pressing need for new rigorous methods for quantitative measurement of highly detailed microscopy images. The objectives of this proposal are to acquire large amounts of images, to quantitatively measure normal nuclear architecture by combining high-resolution 3D imaging with new image analysis tools and to apply this analysis to probe structural transitions in nuclei during the tumor progression. Realization of these goals will hasten the development of computational pathology approaches that measure structural states of nuclei in patient samples to achieve accurate, early, sensitive cancer diagnoses.

University of Maine
Andre Khalil Ph.D
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1 Year Pilot Grant

Maine Cancer Foundation Grants to this Organization:

Year Program Amount Category Organization
2014 Panning for Gold: Nanomaterials & the Future of Cancer Treatment $168,309 Research University of Maine
2014 Catching Cancer Before It Appears $172,512 Research University of Maine
2012 3DMammoComp: Next Generation Computational Analysis of Breast Tomosynthesis $82,843 Research University of Maine
2012 Development of a Cancer Staging Tool Based on Viscoelastic and Spectrosphic Properties of Cystic Fluids $75,422 Research University of Maine
2010 Computational Pathology: 3-d Analysis of Chromosome Territories $80,000 Research University of Maine
2009 Improved Cancer Detection through the use of Engineered Nanoparticle Bioconjugates $78,292 Research University of Maine
2008 Wavelet-based image analysis of Mammograms $73,552 Research University of Maine
2006 Preventive and Therapeutic Effects of Vitamin D3 an its Membrane Receptor on Neoplastic Cells $76,206 Research University of Maine
2004 Mechanisms of Arsenic Induced Human Lung and Bladder Cancer $45,745 Research University of Maine
2003 Protein Palmyitoylation: Examination and Characterization of the Protein Palitoyl-CoA Transferase Family of Dictyostelium $17,640 Research University of Maine
2001 The New Biology at USM $1,230 Education University of Maine