Colorectal Cancer Prevention Campaign


The funding requested under this grant will provide the necessary resources for MMHP to integrate colorectal screenings into our mobile clinics. MMHP will promote colorectal cancer screenings (FOBT) through medical providers, outreach staff, and voucher providers. CHAs and outreach workers will lead health education sessions across the state with a focus on understanding risks related to colorectal cancer, increase knowledge of screenings, and role play scenarios. Our outreach staff and CHAs will provide on_site dialog through one on one interaction with workers and present a series of relevant and culturally competent health education sessions. CHAs will also be responsible for providing input to our staff and for distributing health education materials. In addition, MMHP will create a FOBT card which will indicate a stamp for health education, screening guidelines and getting screened. The card will help ensure MSFWs are accessing the Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) for cancer screenings. MSFWs in conjunction with CHAs, outreach workers and the program coordinator will develop Potonovelos from the health education received throughout season.


Maine Migrant Health Program
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Maine Cancer Foundation Grants to this Organization:

Year Program Amount Category Organization
2016 Maine Immigrant Patient Navigation Project $138,725 Navigator Maine Migrant Health Program
2013 Colorectal Cancer Prevention Campaign $5,980 Screening Maine Migrant Health Program