Midcoast Youth Tobacco Intervention

About This Grant:

Access Health will establish a Midcoast Youth Tobacco Intervention Program (MYTIP) for Sagadahoc County, Brunswick and Harpswell.

MYTIP will serve youth ages 12-18, using Intervening with Teen Tobacco Users: Tobacco Education Group (TEG) as an alternative to suspension program and Helping Teens Stop Using Tobacco (TAP) as a cessation program. Both programs are science-based and were developed by Community Intervention Inc., a nationally recognized leader in substance abuse programming.

TEG is designed to move teenage users along the Stages of Change from not interested in quitting tobacco to considering making a quit attempt. Referrals will come from schools as an alternative to suspension for teens that violate school policy, from police departments for youth who violate underage tobacco laws, from juvenile probation officers as a community service option for tobacco using clients and from physicians who have patients who are using tobacco.

TAP will be offered to youth who are ready to quit tobacco. This program provides the support teens need to stop using tobacco. Teens will primarily self-refer to this optional program.

Fifteen facilitators will be trained, including champions from our four school districts and youth serving organizations. Referral processes will be established for schools, courts, police departments and physician offices. Programs will be held in schools or community

locations, to be determined by school and community partners and number of referrals, with the goal to have local intervention programs at least every two months and quarterly cessation programs.



Year Grant Title Category Amount Grant Recipient
2015 Midcoast Youth Tobacco Intervention Prevention, Tobacco $16,099 Access Health