Connecting to Cancer Care

About This Grant:

YCCAC's Connecting to Cancer Care is a strong partnership with the medical providers treating persons diagnosed with cancer. Need is measured by the number of referrals and direct calls received for patients seeking assistance with transportation to treatment for cancer. YCCAC has seen more than a doubling of the miles provided by our Volunteer Drivers from 2013 to 2014 for cancer transports (8,462 miles to 17,153), with 219 trips in 2013 and 522 trips in 2014.

The only eligibility criteria utilized by YCCAC is confirmation that an individual resides in York County, and they are seeking transportation assistance to a cancer care appointment. This information is typically requested in a phone contact with YCCAC Transportation staff, who complete an initial intake application to create a rider file in our secure, confidential database.

A York County resident in need of transport to cancer treatment would call YCCAC Transportation: 207-459-2932 or 1-800-965-5762 (from outside the Sanford calling area). If this is the first contact, Transportation Staff would need to fill out an initial intake application to create a client file. Information needed includes: full name, street address, mailing address, phone number(s), any special needs (person uses oxygen, a walker, a wheelchair, etc.), emergency contact person and contact phone #. With a client file set up (and for all subsequent transport requests), YCCAC Transportation Staff would need to know the name, location, date and time of the medical appointment the person needs transport to. Requests for ongoing appointments will be taken (such as 6 weeks of radiation), or one-time appointments. If the transport can be accommodated on a YCCAC bus or van, that will be set up so the person knows to be looking for that type of vehicle at a pre-arranged time. Otherwise, one of YCCAC Volunteer Drivers will be matched with the person’s transport request, with information on the name of the driver and type of vehicle they drive given to the rider in advance of the trip date. All pick-ups are at the person’s home, unless there is a pre-arranged rendezvous location set up with the YCCAC office. If the rider knows the length of their appointment, YCCAC will schedule the return trip and provide that information to the rider as well. If the appointment involves procedures of undetermined length, the rider contacts the YCCAC Transportation office when they are ready to leave, and a driver is sent as soon as can be arranged. YCCAC makes provisions so that all riders know that they will never be stranded without a return trip.

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Year Grant Title Category Amount Grant Recipient
2017 Connecting to Cancer Care Access to Care, Patient Support, Transportation $50,000 York County Community Action Corporation
2015 Connecting to Cancer Care Access to Care, Patient Support, Transportation $10,000 York County Community Action Corporation