Education and Patient Support Grants

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Education and Patient Support Grants

Maine Cancer Foundation currently allocates up to 20% of our annual grant funding for education or patient support programs. Typical maximum funding is $10,000 for one year; however, the MCF will consider extending funding up to $50,000 for one project per year for projects with exceptional merit. 

Areas of Focus

Maine Cancer Foundation seeks to improve the lives of individuals and families in Maine by supporting programs that provide services in these areas: 

  • treating the molecular origins of cancer
  • understanding the role of genetics in cancer
  • promoting cancer prevention methods
  • early detection/screening strategies
  • assist patients and their families in dealing with a cancer diagnosis
  • transportation for cancer patients
  • educational outreach on cancer issues
  • navigator programs
  • hospice care for cancer patients

Grant Terms

Proposals must be short-term (one year) with clearly defined goals and measurable results. Grant
recipients may re-apply in subsequent years. However, the Foundation is more interested in providing
start-up funds than sustaining programs from year to year.

Apply for a Grant:

Please download and complete the grant application form. Email the completed application to:

Deadlines: March 1 and November 1 each year.

Questions? Please call the Foundation at (207) 773-2533 or email

Download the Application Guidelines
Download the 6 Month Grantee Update
Download the 1 Year Grantee Update