Our Grant Recipients

Maine Cancer Foundation is proud to be serving the people of Maine in the fight against cancer.

Several times a year we issue a "Request for Proposals" or RFP in one or more service areas that support cancer screening, prevention, research or patient services. Volunteer review committees, drawn from experts in each discipline, review and score the proposals we receive. Finally, our Board of Directors approves the funding and the grants are issued.

We periodically review and communicate with our grant recipients to better understand what the people of Maine need, and how to improve our fight against cancer.

Cancer Type:

All Cervical Leukemia Molecular Skin
Bone Cellular Lung Other Testicular
Brain Colon Lymphedema Ovarian Thyroid
Breast Colorectal Lymphoma Pancreatic Prostate

Service Area:

Beacon Fund Hospice Research Survivorship
Clinical Trial Navigator Scholarship Professional Training
Donor Match Nutrition Screening Transportation
Education Prevention Support Treatment


All Grants:

Year Project Title Category Amount
2016 Strategy for Identification and Screening of Unscreened Patients at LincolnHealth (LH) Screening $29,235

2016 Maine Fund for Cancer Patients Transportation $4,000

2016 Downeast Cancer Patient Navigation across the Continuum of Care Navigator $164,000

2016 Tobacco Prevention, Education, and Cessation Support for Adults in Androscoggin County Prevention $52,419

2016 Sun Safety at Casco Bay Lines Prevention $5,000

2016 Developing Systems to Increase Colorectal Screening Rates through Patient Identification Screening $29,848

2016 Patient Transportation Program Transportation $15,000

2016 The Maine Lung Cancer Prevention and Screening (Maine LungCAPS) Initiative Prevention $400,000

2016 Cancer Prevention: Building Capacity in Primary Care to Address Tobacco Dependence Prevention $50,000

2016 Expansion of the Role of Community Health Workers to Increase Colon Cancer Screening Rates Screening $29,937

2016 Cancer Transportation Transportation $15,000

2016 Accessing Cancer Care Transportation $15,000

2016 Ambulatory Nurse Navigator with emphasis on Lung Cancer Screening Navigator $164,000

2016 Sun Safety on the Slopes Prevention $5,750

2015 Tobacco Free Franklin Prevention $199,976

2015 Structured Care for Individuals at Risk for Familial Cancer Syndromes in a Family Medicine Residency Research $84,784

2015 Gaps-in-Care Cancer Screening Screening $38,500

2015 Reducing Tobacco-Related Cancer Prevalence through College and University Policy Change Prevention $39,140

2015 Accessing Cancer Care Transportation $10,000

2015 Connecting to Cancer Care Transportation $10,000

2015 Eliminating Barriers to Cancer Screening through Use of Navigator Medical Assistants Navigator $164,000

2015 Addressing Disparities in Tobacco Use and Exposure through Policy and Environmental Change Prevention $74,101

2015 Tumor Registry Electronic Medical Record Linked Data Resource: TREMR Research $191,230

2015 Extending Lung Cancer Screening to Primary Care Screening $49,899

2015 Reducing Cancer Rates in Maine through Tobacco Education and Policy Development Education $50,000

2015 Access To Cancer Treatment Transportation $7,000

2015 The Maine Fund for Cancer Patients Transportation $4,000

2015 Sebasticook Valley Health Navigator Program Navigator $137,248

2015 Midcoast Youth Tobacco Intervention Prevention $16,099

2015 Integrating Personalized Risk Information in Low-Dose CT (LDCT) Screening for Lung Cancer Research $100,000

2015 Creating a Centralized Biospecimen Resource for Cancer Research Research $199,830

2015 Early Detection of Lung Cancer Screening $15,000

2015 Patient Navigation Approach to Tobacco Prevention, Assessment & Intervention Screening $30,000

2015 Tobacco Treatment, Prevention, and Control in Androscoggin County Education $40,000

2015 Commuity Transportation Program Transportation $10,000

2015 Early Access Patient Navigator Navigator $164,000

2015 Franklin's Navigator Program for Colorectal Cancer Screening Navigator $164,000

2015 LGBTQ Tobacco Equity Project Prevention $57,669

2015 Creating a Statewide Tissue Banking Network to Promote Cancer Research in Maine Research $199,940

2015 Conquering Cancer in Franklin County Screening $6,500

2015 Lung Cancer Screening Program Screening $20,000

2015 Tobacco Cessation Boot Camp Prevention $36,190

2015 Healthcare Access Program Transportation $10,000

2015 Patient Transportation Assistance Program Transportation $10,000

2014 Mouse Models for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Research $169,834